We provide skilled intermodal logistics support for shipping your products safely and securely, ensuring that your shipments reach their destination as scheduled.

Why use our intermodal services

Habib Trucking Company is a carrier with assets  specializing in intermodal shipping. This is a method of transporting freight that makes use of a variety of modes of transportation, including rail and truck. This method of shipment is frequently more efficient than using a single mode of transportation, and it may assist in lowering overall shipping costs. In addition, Habib Trucking’s team of seasoned experts are committed to providing our clients with the finest service possible. 

We take pride in our ability to manage complicated shipments and our dedication to client satisfaction. If you’re searching for a dependable and efficient intermodal shipping company, Habib Trucking is the way to go!



Owned Tractors

Tractors held by Habib Trucking Company eliminate the need to depend on third-party availability.

Highly Qualified Professionals

Our drivers are highly qualified professionals.

Diverse Network

Large and expanding North American network with all major railways help expedite shipping.

Our Railroad Affiliations